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50 Metre Compound League


News: The 50 Metre Compound League will not be running in 2022 or subsequent years..

We have been running the 70 metre league for more than 10 years, the compound league for 5. The league(s) have been supported by a few clubs: Meriden AC, Wirral Archers, Podium Bow Strings and others and a few individuals... but it has never really taken off. We tried again in the later months of Covid, but nothing really happened.

So, we would like to thank those who supported the leagues over the years. There are other leagues 'out there' and we wish you and them well.

10 years is an age on the internet! Good bye, and thanks for all the fish...


The 50 Metre Compound League is designed to enable individuals and teams of three Compound archers to judge how they are progressing, both locally and internationally.

Two rule changes were introduced in 2020: (1) An archer can submit as many scores as they like & (2) the team now uses the best 3 scores from 3 archers. Read more here.

The 70 Metre League – for all bow types – can be accessed HERE

The league is open to all Compound archers and runs from the 1st January until 30th September 2021.
ENTRY to the competition is FREE

Records Officer Login:
Administer All Teams (50m & 70m) and Enter Archer Scores
Your 2016/17/18/19/20 user names and passwords will still work,
but you will need to set-up your 2021 archers & teams for the new league year.

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Contact The League Webmaster: Mark Leach